5 herbs that are a must have in your garden cabbatia B

5 herbs that are a must-have in your garden

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1. Holy Basil

It is a medicinal plant that is a must in the home for use in the event of insect bites or allergies to the body

2. Lime

It is a must-have at home as a food flavouring agent and medicine. Lime is frequently used in simple treatments for allergic reactions, skincare, stomach upset, body swelling, snakebites medicine

3. Ginger

It is very good medicine that helps balance the body’s many functions. Ginger is an essential herb for fever, colds, headaches, cough, toothache and etc.

4. Garlic

A potent herb used to enhance the taste and medicinal properties of foods as well as used for many ayurvedic remedies. It is beneficial for pains, coughs, hypertension, haemorrhoids, swelling, nerve diseases, asthma in ayurvedic treatments

5. Turmeric

It is very useful as a spice and as a medicine. When added to food as a spice, It eliminates the toxins in the preparation of foods. Also, It is used for cosmetics. It is one of the most frequently used medications to add to recipes in various ailment


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